Pay Attention and Avoid Accidents

Avoiding accidents can save you a lot of money, time and hassle. The best thing to avoid accidents is to stop quickly enough before you hit somebody or someone else hits you. This can be simply done by staying focused on road and everything nearby. Say NO to cell phones, makeup, shaving, or whatever to avoid collisions. Even the cell phones that are not attached to your ear (Bluetooth/Wireless) can get you in danger.

Calgary driving school

According to the researchers, people talking over phone while driving behave more dangerously on road than an alcoholic person. However, even consuming alcohol invites accidents as it make your reflexes way slower than normal. Listening to radio or music is totally different than talking over the phone because talking over cell phone requires a lot of concentration and that comes at the expense of your attention on the road.

Here are some basic points to remember to stop fast and avoid accidents:

  • Always keep your brakes working in great condition.
  • Keep a check on your speed.
  • Keep a proper distance between your car and the other.
  • Do not neglect road signs at any cost.

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